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Living and Residential Opportunities

The Ken Anderson Alliance community will be a setting where adults with developmental disabilities can realize their full potential in a safe, affordable, caring, integrated, and supportive environment.  We believe choice is important. We seek to provide residents with a comfortable transition from living with parents or loved ones to building a new life of their own.

Our community will move beyond basic affordable housing and provide safe, secure, and supportive community living settings with many amenities within walking distance. Individual living spaces will be customizable with accommodations tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Our communities will be organized to provide independence, self-determination, and self-governance while meeting the physical, emotional, recreational, social, and spiritual needs of our residents aged 18 through end of life or until they require full-time nursing care.

Individuals will have access to amenities within the community as well as transportation throughout the greater Cincinnati area. Some of the basic amenities include:

Walkways and Bike Trail:  The community buildings, gardens, and points of interest (a reflective pool or small fountain) will be connected by a wide, paved walkway that will be easily accessible for residents to navigate on foot, bicycle or golf cart. There will be additional walking/nature paths and a bike trail to encourage an active lifestyle.  To ensure safety, there will be no car traffic allowed on the campus.

Gardens/Conservatory: An area dedicated to growing and cultivating vegetables, fruits and flowers will be nine-seasons (April-December). Phase I will focus on growing vegetables and having a small farmer’s market. Emphasis will be on producing a greenhouse product for a seasonal market (inside the conservatory.) Residents may participate in areas of strength with regard to maintaining the garden and the markets. Future projection will expand gardens to include flowers, fruits, wedding bouquets, etc.

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Theater/Pavilion:  An area dedicated to the performing arts where musicals, plays, concerts, etc can be enjoyed by Ken Anderson Alliance and the greater community.

Noon Café: An on-site café where residents (with support) will prepare and serve simple nutritional lunches M-F.   Signature Baked goods (one or two specialties) will also be available and sold.

Education Center: A building that will provide life skills, educational, and pre-vocational services to residents and non-residents (for Day Programs). This component of Ken Anderson Alliance will enable the community to partner with other similar services within Cincinnati. Hours of operation to be determined.

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Wellness Commons: This will be the Ken Anderson Alliance community's main shared space. It will look like a village within a village. The commons will include fields for recreation, a track, outdoor (and possibly indoor) swimming pool and an indoor health and wellness facility. Within the wellness facility, there will be areas dedicated to physical and mental health wellness such as workout equipment, yoga studios, and meditation rooms.

Chapel: A nondenominational space will provide residents the opportunity to have prayer, silence and worship.

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