Our Model

We are developing a system of live, work, and play communities that empower adults with developmental disabilities to develop and sustain lifelong relationships, experience independence, and live the lives to the fullest as valued members of the greater Cincinnati community. We will utilize a creative blend of traditional and entrepreneurial funding sources. In order to provide better options, our vision begins with employment. See also Project Vision and Project Design.

Our Philosophy

Ken Anderson Alliance offers empowerment through choice. Our individualized approach will provide adults with developmental disabilities innovative options for growth in social and education areas, life skills development, community living and engagement, and real work. Individuals will have access to amenities within the community as well as transportation throughout the greater Cincinnati area.


Our Agricultural and Horticultural Center will include meaningful employment and evidence-based vocational training options such as landscaping, growing and selling produce, and developing microenterprises. The possibilities for work are unlimited, scalable, and will be determined by each individual’s abilities, interests, and passions.


Ken Anderson Alliance will move beyond basic affordable housing and provide safe, secure, and supportive community living settings with many amenities within walking distance. Individual living spaces will be customizable with accommodations tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

Our communities will be organized to provide independence, self-determination, and self-governance. Communities will meet the physical, emotional, recreational, social, and spiritual needs of our residents aged 18 through end of life or until they require full-time nursing care.

(Not actual KAA coffee shop)

(Not actual KAA coffee shop)


Ken Anderson Alliance has developed a social enterprise model that combines living wages, social enterprise earnings, parent and family support, existing government resources, financial inventors, community partners, volunteers, and the use of Resident Assistants who receive reduced rent.



A variety of social opportunities will be integral to daily life in our communities. Residents will have the opportunity to participate in social activities on site and in the community at large.