Project Design

When the Ken Anderson Alliance community breaks ground, there are certain elements that will be paramount in the design.

Physical Layout:  The physical layout of the property will be specifically designed to best meet the needs of our community.

Walkways and Bike Trail:  The community buildings, gardens, and points of interest (a reflective pool or small fountain) will be connected by a wide, paved walkway that will be easily accessible for residents to navigate on foot, bicycle or golf cart. There will be additional walking/nature paths and a bike trail to encourage an active lifestyle.  To ensure safety, there will be no car traffic allowed on the campus.

Gardens/Conservatory: An area dedicated to growing and cultivating vegetables, fruits and flowers will be nine-seasons (April-December). Phase I will focus on growing vegetables and having a small farmer’s market. Emphasis will be on producing a greenhouse product for a seasonal market (inside the conservatory.) Residents may participate in areas of strength with regard to maintaining the garden and the markets. Future projection will expand gardens to include flowers, fruits, wedding bouquets, etc.

Theater/Pavilion:  An area dedicated to the performing arts where musicals, plays, concerts, etc can be enjoyed by Ken Anderson Alliance and the greater community.

Noon Café: An on-site café where residents (with support) will prepare and serve simple nutritional lunches M-F.   Signature Baked goods (one or two specialties) will also be available and sold.

Education Center: A building that will provide life skills, educational, and pre-vocational services to residents and non-residents (for Day Programs). This component of Ken Anderson Alliance will enable the community to partner with other similar services within Cincinnati. Hours of operation to be determined.

Wellness Commons: This will be the Ken Anderson Alliance community's main shared space. It will look like a village within a village. The commons will include fields for recreation, a track, outdoor (and possibly indoor) swimming pool and an indoor health and wellness facility. Within the wellness facility, there will be areas dedicated to physical and mental health wellness such as workout equipment, yoga studios, and meditation rooms.

Chapel: A nondenominational space will provide residents the opportunity to have prayer, silence and worship.

Holland House

(Possibly to be renamed for a special donor) A two-story building, centrally located, for multiple purpose use. For example, residents might share two meals a day within their private units but dinner might be shared by the entire community in this house. The building will have a large kitchen, dining facility and offer additional large spaces for social events, special workshops (volunteer opportunities, for example), and host educational and recreational activities.  The second floor will have four en-suite bedrooms available for guests who visit residents.

Community Partnerships

Ken Anderson Alliance will be a great neighbor. Positive Partnerships will be facilitated with the neighboring communities and Ken Anderson Alliance will contribute to the larger community. Participants will volunteer and participate in community organizations. We will provide purposeful, multi-generational outreach opportunities by inviting groups to share the our facilities such as the community gardens, theater/pavilion, pool, multi-use fields, chapel etc.  

Through these communal endeavors, meaningful connections will be built and the unique strengths and abilities of all involved will flourish.  We believe that every person has a purpose and deserves to feel a sense of pride in being part of a community that seeks the greater good.