Project Vision

Meaningful Employment

Ken Anderson Alliance will offer meaningful employment opportunities as well as recreational and social activities, and affordable semi-independent housing for individuals with developmental disabilities.  

We believe for success to happen in any of these areas, it will be important for participants to take ownership by helping create their own daily schedule to meet their specific wants and needs. Whether a person is utilizing employment opportunities,  recreational and social activities or is also accessing the residential piece,

Ken Anderson Alliance is committed to:

  • Providing meaningful life experiences that maximize a participant’s independence and facilitates participation in the community.
  • Improving independent living skills through dynamic, community-based services.
  • Facilitating a contribution to the community through volunteering and participation in community organizations and creating a multi-generational outreach component.
  • Encouraging participants to gain greater independence, improve communication skills, develop self-advocacy skills, make healthy, independent choices.
  • Offering educational/ vocational services that will help develop employment skills.
  • Giving the power of choice to the participants.  

Tools to Maximize Independence

  • Person Centered Plans: Individually tailored plans to address each participant’s unique needs and wishes.
  • Self advocacy: Each participant will have true self-direction of services, but certain parts of the person-centered plan will be a recommended part of every participant's overall plan. These include such things as health and wellness activities, educational/  personal growth activities and community/social involvement activities.
  • Active community engagement and multi-generational outreach: Social growth through targeted outreach, fostering an interdependence with the greater community.
  • Volunteer opportunities and paid work opportunities will be a critical piece of the plan.
  • Wellness: Wellness education opportunities  will be offered (stress management healthy meal preparation, yoga, meditation, exercise, art)
  • Education and Personal Growth: Educational and Personal Growth through classes of interest, music, club involvement, and religious and worship opportunities.
  • Professionally trained support professionals: Well trained support professionals will provide a variety of functions to help maximize the participant's independence and success.

Residential Services

Every decision at Ken Anderson Alliance will be made according to individual choices detailed in the resident's Person Centered Plan. The Person Centered Plan will be created with (not for) residents and is a flexible, amendable guide developed according to the needs and wants of the residents.  The residential experience will be tailored to maximize independence in a safe and supporting environment.