Work Opportunities

Our work mission at Ken Anderson Alliance is enhancing work opportunities through alliances/partnerships and collaboration with other agencies that serve the same population. KAA has and continues to partner with local companies to create work opportunities for adults with  disabilities. These work opportunities range from simple & repetitive tasks to experienced & technical roles.

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Currently selling to:

  • Orchid (small lettuce heads)

  • Moerlein (lettuce mix used in applewood bacon salad)

  • Hotel Covington (basil)

  • Sotto (basil)

  • Prime Cincinnati (basil)

  • Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse Downtown (basil and lettuce mix)

Celebrate EDU

One thing we know for sure, no entrepreneur works alone. That's why our programs are built on the pillar of Supported Entrepreneurship. Every successful entrepreneur has a group of people and organizations supporting them. Throughout all of our programs, we help you find the right people to help you on your entrepreneurial journey to Discover Your AWESOME!!!

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